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Family Protection

The ability to provide for your family and plan for the future is dependent on your income and assets. Protecting both of these is vital to any long term family protection strategy.

At Ragg Weir Financial Services, the types of insurance we offer our clients include:

Life Insurance
While it is not the most pleasant of tasks and as such, is often put off until it is too late, planning to protect your family in the result of the premature death of you or your partner is important.

Do you really want your family to suffer more than they have to in light of a loss?

Income Protection
Many financial plans are constructed around income, be it either from salary or your own business. This cash flow provides for the quality of your lifestyle and affects your ability to invest for the future.

What happens if you are unable to work because of accident or illness?

While it is scary to think that your income may stop - it may well be the reality and is something that is wise to consider.

We can help you work out a plan to protect you – just in case.

Trauma Insurance
Every year, millions of people around the world are struck by heart attack, cancer, stroke and other major illnesses. Thankfully, medical advances have increased the chances of surviving for years after such events. However, surviving a 'trauma' can be financially crippling for many people, even if they are still able to earn an income.

All or a combination of the above insurance policies may be required to underpin your family's future? and ensure that it's a safe one.

At Ragg Weir Financial Services, we use independent research to compare the suitability and price of individual insurance policies so that you end up with a product that best suits your circumstances.

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