HECS-HELP benefit for maths, science, education and nursing graduates up to $1,831 per annum


If you graduated after 30 June 2008 in a maths or science course or after 30 June 2009 in an education or nursing  course and are employed in a related occupation you may be eligible for the HECS-HELP benefit.


The HECS-HELP benefit provides an incentive for graduates of particular courses to take up related occupations or work in specified locations by reducing their compulsory HECS-HELP repayments.


The HECS-HELP benefit is not a cash payment. It provides for a reduction in the compulsory HELP repayment included on an income tax notice of assessment or, for early childhood education teachers who do not have to make a compulsory repayment, a reduction in the accumulated HELP debt. The HECS-HELP benefit may reduce your overall tax debt or increase your tax refund, depending on your individual circumstances.


The following links to the ATO website will provide the eligibility criteria and application form for: