Over a game of golf a friend tells you that someone he knows managed to get his money our of his super fund, and it had been really good as he'd had a big overseas holiday….. No, this isn't a figment of your imagination, it happens. But that doesn't make it legal. If someone offers to 'help you get your super money out', chances are it will be part of a scheme and will be illegal, and in the eyes of the law, you will be at least partly responsible. The facts are – unless you are over 55 years and permanently retired, it is very difficult to access your superannuation monies. The exceptions that exist deal with crisis such as a terminal medical condition or severe financial hardship after being on Centrelink payments for 6 months.  So, if one day, over a game of golf, this offer is made to you, please call us, and we'll tell you if it will work or not.

Anne Rollason
Superannuation Specialist